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SITA reports that RFID technology significantly reduced luggage error rate

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SITA reports that RFID technology significantly reduced luggage error rate

SITA reports that RFID technology significantly reduced luggage error rate 
Aviation transportation industry and information technology service provider SITA, according to the latest report since 2007, the air transportation industry luggage error rate was reduced by 61.3%, estimated to save total cost of $18 billion. SITA said in 2014, at the peak of luggage error rate per thousand passengers 7.3 bags, luggage error rate per thousand passengers 18.88 bags in 2007, although a marked increase in the number of passengers in the same period (during peak 33.3 billion visitors last year), error rate also fell significantly. 
Looking forward to the future, the group expects the RFID technology will further reduce the luggage error rate. The international air transport association (IATA) in 2014, introduced universal unique identifier (UUID), luggage processing technology for the update. According to the international air transport association, UUID will serve as a reference (in luggage tag using carrier identifier), the future will be the introduction of the RFID luggage tag information system used for luggage. 
The group said the luggage is RFID electronic tag standard components (2014 has been IATA passenger service meeting approved), will connect the existing luggage tag information, without any increase in investment, as much as possible to enable the RFID technology existing baggage system upgrade. The technology also includes support print luggage label components at home and some one time tags. As a result, the IATA report, airlines can use RFID tags components, through the low-cost RFID reader to follow-up track the luggage. 
According to the IATA said,in 2018, require airlines in the key procedure to realize tracking luggage (such as transferring luggage delivery, and loaded into the aircraft), also plays a key role in the UDID. A new resolution requirements for a subsequent journey partner to provide this information. 
In addition, the IATA will next year plans proposed UUID as a key part of the remote security, provide quick security check. Luggage without a unique info reference, remote screening is impossible, because luggage sign may be copied. Remote screening can save thousands of times in a day, the time needed for the transfer procedures.
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