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RFID Chip & Module

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RFID Chip & Module

China RFID Chip & Module supplier

Large Image :  RFID Chip & Module

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China Mainland
Brand Name: SeabreezeRFID
Model Number: YL-0100

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Delivery Time: Asap
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: Specified
Samples :: Specified
Detailed Product Description
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Contact Memory Chip

Contact memory chip is still prevailing now in market. RealSmart is very good at this business as well. Working with these original IC suppliers, we become official distributors of Belling, Fudan etc. So finding us, that means you can get most chips easily… RealSmart can support you well from the beginning of R&D process, even to your mass production! For you, save time and money!

Here are some prevailing models:

Supplier Chip Type Memory Size Module
Infineon SLE4442 256 Byte 6 Contact
Infineon SLE5542 256 Byte 6 Contact
Infineon SLE4428 1K Byte 6 Contact
Infineon SLE5528 1K Byte 6 Contact
Infineon SLE4406 112 bit 6 contact
Infineon SLE6636 221 bit 6 contact
SHC SHC2242 256 Byte 6 Contact
SHC SHC2248 1K Byte 8 Contact
Fudan FM4442 256 Byte 8 Contact
Fudan FM4428 1K Byte 6 Contact
Atmel AT24C02 2K Bit 8 Contact
Atmel AT24C04 4K Bit 8 Contact
Atmel AT24C08 8K Bit 8 Contact
Atmel AT24C64 64K Bit 8 Contact
Atmel AT24C128 128K Bit 8 Contact
... ... ... ...

Contactless Card Chip

We offer ICs and modules either at low frequency (< 135 kHz), high frequency (13.56MHz) or ultra high frequency (860-960 MHz or 2.45 GHz).

Here are some prevailing models:

Supplier Card ICs Frequency EEPROM RF Standard
EM EM4100,EM4102 125KHz 64 bit R/O /
EM EM4200 125KHz 64 bit R/O /
EM EM4205,EM4305 125KHz 1K bit R/W /
EM EM4450,EM4550 125KHz 1K bit R/W /
ATMEL T5577 125KHz 330 bit R/W /
  Hitag 1 125KHz 2K bit R/W /
  Hitag 2 125KHz 256 bit R/W /
  Hitag S2048 125KHz 2K bit R/W /
  ® Classic 1k S50 13.56MHz 1K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  ® Classic 4k S70 13.56MHz 4K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  Ultralight® 13.56MHz 512 bit R/W ISO 14443A
  Ultralight® C 13.56MHz 192 bit R/W ISO 14443A
  Ultralight® EV1 13.56MHz 384/1024 bit R/W ISO 14443A
  EV1 2K 13.56MHz 2K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  EV1 4K 13.56MHz 4K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  EV1 8K 13.56MHz 8K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  EV1 4K D40 13.56MHz 4K/8K Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  ® Plus 2k 13.56MHz 2K Byte ISO 14443A
  ® Plus 4k 13.56MHz 4K Byte ISO 14443A
  I CODE SLI 13.56MHz 1K bit R/W ISO 15693, ISO18000
  NTAG203/203F 13.56MHz 144 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG210 13.56MHz 48 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG212 13.56MHz 128 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG213/213F 13.56MHz 144 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG215 13.56MHz 504 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG216 13.56MHz 888 Byte R/W ISO 14443A
  NTAG213F/216F 13.56MHz 144/888 byte ISO 14443A
FM FM11RF08 13.56MHz 1K byte ISO 14443A
FM FM11RF32 13.56MHz 4K byte ISO 14443A
BroadCom Topaz512(BCM20203) 13.56MHz 512 byte ISO 14443A
SONY Felica Lite-S(RC-S966) 13.56MHz 14 blocks+1 subtraction block(1 block= 16 byte) ISO/IEC 18092
LEGIC Legic MIM 256 13.56MHz 256/1K Byte R/W Legic RF Standard
TI TI2048 13.56MHz 2K bit R/W ISO 15693, ISO18000
INSIDE Picopass 2k 13.56MHz 2K/32K bit R/W ISO 14443B, ISO 15693
  UCODE HSL UHF/2.45GHz 2K bit R/W ISO 18000
  UCODE EPC G2 860~960MHz 512 bit R/W EPC class 1 Gen2
Impinj Monza 5 860~960MHz 128 bit R/W EPC class 1 Gen 2 , ISO 18000-6C
Impinj Monza 4D/4E/4QT 860~960MHz 128 bit R/W EPC class 1 Gen 2 , ISO 18000-6C
... ... ... ... ...


NFC Chip

Based on ISO14443A technology, here are main NFC ICs like NTAG which combines ease of integration, high RF sensitivity and anti-cloning features to provide benefits for the whole value chain up to the end consumer.

Here are some prevailing models:

NFC Forum Type Model/Type Number User Memory IC Supplier Brief Spec
NFC Forum Type 1 Tag Topaz512(BCM20203) 512 byte BroadCom 13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NFC Forum Type 2 Tag Ultralight 64 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
Ultralight C 192 byte(EEPROM)   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG203 144 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG203F 144 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG210 48 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG212 128 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG213 144 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG213F 144 byte,field dection   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG215 504 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG216 888 byte   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NTAG216F 888 byte,field dection   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
NFC Forum Type 3 Tag Felica Lite-S(RC-S966) 14 blocks+1 subtraction block(1 block= 16 byte) SONY 13.56MHz,ISO/IEC 18092
NFC Forum Type 4 Tag EV1 2K 2K bytes   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
EV1 4K 4K bytes   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
EV1 8K 8K bytes   13.56MHz,ISO 14443A
... ... ... ... ...


SeabreezeRFID has established long-term, stable and strategic relationship with most famous suppliers like  INFINEON, EM, ATMEL, ISSI, INSIDE, TI, ST, LEGIC and Chinese IC suppliers such as ‘Belling, Fudan etc. We can provide you cost-effective and wide-range chips for your easy purchase. One Stop Service is our highlight.
•Various smart card chip supply
•Large inventory & quick delivery
•Competitive price & reliable quality
•Welcome Customization
•Professional tech support
•Flexible pricing strategy
•A new partnership from China
•Provide free chip/card samples during your R&D period. Also we possess a professional tech team who can help you anytime if you need!
•For most of the chips, we haven’t the MOQ limit. So it’s very convenient for your testing period. No need to stock large quantity chips just at beginning of a project!
•For some common chips, we usually have large inventory. So when you need urgently, we can send out very soon in order to support you getting more opportunities!
•Concerning the delivery, our logistic depart is also very professional! But in case there is some accident during the delivery, we’ll try our best to deal with ASAP in order not to delay your project!
•Chip customization is also our strongpoint! Maybe sometimes you need special product, just tell us, we’ll support you well!
Declare: The showing picture is only for reference of our product.All related to intellectual property rights of trademark are belongs to trademark company. 


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