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Contactless IC card maintenance method

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Contactless IC card maintenance method
Contactless IC card and said rf card, mainly for the bus, metro automatic fee system, also used in identity and access management, electronic purse, etc. By IC chip CARDS, induction antenna composition, and completely sealed in a standard PVC CARDS. 
Contactless IC card through the built-in antenna gain power from the card reader, and then to data communication. At present card has been widely used, with stable and reliable effect, but when the CARDS are improper or excessive bend, will cause the card failure, its reason is card of the built-in antenna is broken. The situation of the most simple method is to fill do a new card, but to radio lovers, use your head, and do it yourself, to give card making a external antenna, make old a new card, is also a pleasure. 
Here the maintenance method. 
Contactless IC card internal structure general as shown in figure 1 shows, with five coil of antenna we as an example, even days coil several different, its principle is the same. The real antenna coil is very fine very close, always about 1 mm width. Figure 1 shows is that magnified many sketch map, you can see IC chips in internal antenna, compared to the damage of the antenna is higher proportion. Use a magnifying glass carefully observe the card of fracture position, will see thin a row of copper wire, about 1 mm wide. 
Contactless IC card maintenance method
With DianLaoTie will DuanLieChu line row around the PVC material melt. When the show line row, can use tweezers and gently clamp force to the ye, at the same time use the soldering pen of heating stress PVC material, can drag out a very clean line row, at each end show about 10 mm. The thin line row is more more fine root by wire enameled wire of side by side. Use tweezers will each wire enameled wire line row from the root tear apart, again will bare wire enameled wire with lighter to burn it, remove package of coat of paint, only two seconds to burn a can, burning like too long copper wire will melt. With a knife and then slowly the copper wire outside there is clean, show the golden copper wire, so that each side may show clean copper wire of the root. 
Using a multimeter to electric block measurement on both sides of the copper wire hige, two side thrum pair, when found two root is conduction, separate aside to rule out. Such a total rule out four groups conduction of copper wire. Both sides of the couple is left we need. In general should be the end and the end most inside the two root, named for A and B, see figure 4. If the CARDS broken into two, or broken into many pieces, can find the piece of card is AB thrum contains the IC chips. The rest of the CARDS must be all 5 groups of copper wire is the pathway, can abandon need not. Find and the original diameter of close to the wire enameled wire (note must be enameled wire, not a copper wire, in order to avoid a coil of between short circuit), length is about six times the girth of the card. 
In the card of around with two-side glue, DuanLieChu don't post, because even welding, and then will be new to DuanLieChu enameled wire as the starting point, set aside 1 ~ 2 cm of welding length, with A line or B line around the direction, as close as the original position line rows. Around 4 laps, plus the AB inside card coils, is just five laps. Back to DuanLieChu around the put apart when 1 ~ 2 cm length of welding. Winding is lined up neatly is not important, into a bunch of as close as the original position. Around it, and put a layer of tape fixation, the coil reserve with just before both ends of the method to deal with clean. New coiling at both ends of the C and D end as the, see figure 5. Then will A, C thrum welding together, B and D thrum welded together. Because of the copper wire is very fine, before welding best first four thrum hang separately solder, then corresponding clung together, then use a soldering iron. 
Finally DuanLieChu and solder joints with fixed the tape, pay attention to the solder joints don't short circuit. In the card out of a whole put on the tape to protect the can. The whole process must be bold talk, a no once again. In theory, as long as the card of IC chip is good, can use the system to repair the antenna.            
                                                                                   (Source: Shenzhen SeabreezeRFID) 
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