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NXP semiconductor released its commercial version NTAG I²C chips

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NXP semiconductor released its commercial version NTAG I²C chips
NXP semiconductor released its commercial version NTAG I²C chips 
NTAG I²C chip is used widely for consumer electronics, home appliances, wearable technology and home automation applications. The chip is a combination of passive NFC RFID chips (compatible with ISO 14443 a standard and NFC BBS type 2 label standard), and an I²C interface, to complete the energy collection and block as EEPROM memory. In the I²C and the combination of RFID technology, it can make the new interaction between NFC tags, with personalized electronic equipment, as well as the maintenance of equipment. 
NXP semiconductor released its commercial version NTAG I²C chips
The solution that allows a ease of integration through the equipment service communication pipe bidirectional data exchange between NFC device characteristics of infinite abundance, it may have a connection to a cloud computing and advanced user interface display and electronic devices. NTAG I²C chip memory can be achieved by a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader access, can also be accomplished by means of a wired connection to the I C squared chip data access, such as embedded in the electronic equipment. Wearable devices and appliances manufacturer, for example, the chip can be integrated into their products, consumers can use their existing devices (mobile phone) in the NFC function into the remote user interface, rather than relying on expensive touch screen or wi-fi for household appliances network connection and data exchange. 
NTAG I²C solution can from mobile devices to the external circuits, such as low power consumption MCU power supply of energy. Optimized ultra low power operation, it also has the field of automatic detection function, so that even if a mobile device of a dead battery, you still have a long standby "NFC mobile phones". This benefit is that the data can be saved for a long time, do not worry about the power out of the question. 
The solution is to fully support NXP recently released a software development kit called semi-knocked down (SKD) to read and write access, is designed to provide a fully functional hardware and Android applications online. The SDK allows the Android developer secondary design, broad support for the new Internet of things (IoT) and wearable technology. 
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