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RFID prospects: new developments in unmanned retail

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RFID prospects: new developments in unmanned retail
RFID prospects: new developments in unmanned retail
Recently, there has been unmanned retail store in Shenzhen, China, as the retail industry has recently been a rare hot event, but also to the doldrums of the traditional retail industry to bring the dawn.
RFID program providers in the collection side, as well as background data control management, integration, inventory, access checks and other other data collection and data entry, and these data structured processing, Business support.
RFID prospects: new developments in unmanned retail
Advantages of RFID applications in unmanned retail:
At present, unmanned retail technology can be divided into three categories, namely namely on machine vision recognition technology, based on RFID technology and bar code technology. Low cost, standardization is the advantage of bar code, but the efficiency is low (for example, can not group read), low security (easy to copy), and the shopping process requires more labor; video analysis, easy picture blur, if you want to do Clear and accurate, requires ultra-high performance and even multi-server and data algorithm support, which will be extremely tall cost.
RFID is used in the unmanned retail advantage, first of all, the real-time data, as long as the product is in the signal coverage, the data can be real-time read and identify, high efficiency; Second, the collected data is very objective, High security, without too much human intervention; the last is a good experience of RFID, its sense of experience to help customers in a relaxed environment to complete the shopping.
Unemployment has become a new outlet for the retail industry, not only to provide customers with unattended shopping experience, but also for the retail industry downturn to provide a viable solution. First, the cost of manpower is getting higher and higher, and unmanned stores are less dependent on people. Second, the price of RFID tags will be getting lower and lower. If the scale is applied, the technology and marginal cost of unmanned stores will be more and more Low, future costs there is a lot of room for decline.
RFID technology in the retail store application, still need to solve the RF technology may appear shielding, interference and other issues, RFID program providers should optimize, including tags design, antenna adjustment, reader mode settings and enhance the sensitivity and so on.
When RFID can be like bar code to achieve product integration from the source, then its application will be further enhanced. Whether it is RFID technology or other multi-sensing technology (video, radio frequency, bar code), if its terminal can be further popular with with mobile phones and other common equipment integration, will be large-scale application.
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