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When RFID tag encounters athlete

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When RFID tag encounters athlete
When RFID tag encounters athlete
When RFID tag encounters athlete
When RFID tag encounters athlete
Recently America National Football League (NFL) radio frequency identification technology installed in the rugby players in the shoulder pads (RFID) tag. Through the tag, the audience and the judges can understand the motion trajectory and the motion state of athletes. In fact, the RFID tag has been used in a number of sports.
NFL athletes installation of the tag contains a motion sensor, the viewer can visually understand the players' speed and acceleration, and thus understand the impact force when the collision: These data will make the game more exciting.
When RFID tag encounters athlete
Trajectory allows referees to better determine whether an athlete fouls. Rugby player position for strict rules, and there are offside rules. Previous judgment method is judged by the camera and the human eye, but can now see the position of the players directly from the computer. Through the software, the computer can even prompt the referee whether athletes foul.
NFL media strategy vice president Vishal Shah said: "tracking technology can help the team to further optimize the training content, according to the capacity of each player's offensive line and specify more reasonable and transport path. Finally, to build a bridge between our teams, sponsors and fans."
Texas TopGolf golf course by using RFID technology, real-time display the player's performance. This solution USES the passive EPC Gen 2 ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology measures the distance of the ball moving at the same time record the score for each player. Tag to track 200000 golf, this process involves 548 falling ball points. 
When RFID tag encounters athlete
Because golf covers a very wide, the ball fall to the ground immediately after it is difficult to know the position, not to mention, let the audience see the trajectory. But after equipped with RFID tags within the golf, spectators and athletes can see the ball real-time trajectory, and be able to immediately find a location. By motion sensors, and people are able to understand the players batting strength.
The 1994 Berlin marathon by the Champion Chip first used the RIFD technology, athletes with personal information on electronic tags, by setting start and end, can pass the data to collect, host of gathering information. Since then, various road cycling, skiing competitions, ten decathlon have used this technology, greatly improve the efficiency of timing.
When RFID tag encounters athlete
The current high level of athletics of the laser range finder is used to measure the distance, but still want to judges, and at that moment the first landing throwing objects fall to the ground, there will still be human error. If in the shot-put, javelin and other objects implanted in the RFID tag and acceleration sensor, then the system can judge the placement in the first time.
In addition, RFID technology also has the very good application in all kinds of ball games, but to make this technology needs a lot of investment operation. Such as golf, golf course must install multiple data collection sites. If you want to install sensors, these sports equipment to charge is a problem. Many people will make anti-lost tag RFID technology, but it is undeniable that the technology to find a better way in sports.
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